Personalised sterling silver jewellery handmade with love

Personalising your sterling silver jewellery gives you the flexibility to add your own unique personality to a necklace or bangle. You can add the names of your children to 'figuratively' carry your family with you wherever you go or you can choose a life-affirming quote to gaze upon and give you a boost when you're feeling low. Personalised jewellery can be thoughtful, inspiring and in most cases it will be completely unique to you - throw into the mix the fact that it's handmade and you take it to a whole new level.

Our ever-expanding range of products are all handmade with love in our Northumberland workshop. The moment you place your order we will begin the process of creating your jewellery from scratch using traditional silversmithing tools and equipment - no machines, no production line just a skilled artisan sitting at a work bench, making one of a kind pieces just for you!

Our preferred method of personalisation is to use hand stamping. Each individual letter and number is stamped by hand, and as such they may not be perfectly aligned or straight. This in turn helps to create the unique look and finish that comes from a piece of jewellery that was created especially for you, by a skilled craftsperson and not a machine, on an assembly line. This organic look is why we prefer to use a stamping technique, rather than alternative methods like machine engraving - it simply ties in better and further accentuates the unique handmade nature of our Pretty Serendipity brand.