Personalised Beaded Russian Ring Necklace with Birthstone


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The gorgeous beaded russian ring necklace features a pendant comprising a wire wrapped birthstone and three interlinked and free-moving sterling silver rings. Two of the rings are hand-crafted in plain silver and the third is beaded to provide a stunning contrast. The rings/circles symbolise wholeness, strength, unity and everlasting love. The necklace can be personalised with two separate names, one for each plain ring. Popular personalisation choices include children's names or if you're feeling romantic you can add the names of a happy couple to create a fabulous eternity necklace. Several other variations of this necklace can be found in our ever-expanding russian ring jewellery collection as well as a personalised russian ring necklace that has space for three names if you should require it. If you're curious to find out just how much love and attention goes into the making of these unique pendants then read on to find out more…

How it's made

As soon as we receive your order one of our trained silversmiths will begin work on your beaded russian ring necklace. They will start by measuring out and cutting three equal lengths of 2.5mm sterling silver wire. Working with a series of hand tools they will then bend and shape the wire into circles and use a combination of solder and flux to join each piece together. Using a rawhide mallet they will then hammer the various parts onto a mandrel to make sure they are perfectly round and conform to the correct sizing's for this particular product. Two of the rings are then gently flattened to create just enough space for your chosen names, words or dates which are then skilfully hand-stamped onto the silver in accordance with your personalisation instructions. All three rings have now been individually handcrafted and now need to be put together to form the actual interlocking pendant. This process involves carefully cutting into each ring, connecting them together and once again soldering them closed.

The attention now turns to the birthstone charm that will have pride of place in the centre of your necklace. Taking your chosen stone the jeweller will thread a thin silver wire through the purposely drilled hole. Using a pair of pliers and a considerable amount of skill and patience they will tightly wrap the wire around the stone numerous times before creating a loop to finish. A jump ring is then fed through the loop and the completed charm is soldered onto your necklace.

After a quick trip to the Edinburgh assay office for hallmarking your item is now ready for the cleaning and polishing stage. The silversmith will use a combination of different sized files and sandpaper grits to make sure all soldered joins are invisible to the eye and smooth to the touch. A buffing wheel in combination with several polishing compounds are then skilfully applied to give your finished piece the shiny, mirror-like finish that it truly deserves. A member of our team will now measure out and cut an applicable length of chain based on your specific requirements and attach a jump ring and clasp to either end.

Finally it's off to packaging and dispatch where your necklace will be given a final polish before being placed in a Pretty Serendipity gift box. As a little added extra we'll also send you a 'thank you' card which includes the name of the jewellery maker who was responsible for the creation of your one of a kind piece.

Sterling Silver
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