What could be more special than a necklace that was lovingly handmade just for you! No machines, no production line, just a trained silversmith sitting at a work bench creating bespoke pieces of jewellery with their own fair hands.

What make a handmade necklace so special? In our humble opinion, it's special because it takes time, effort and skill to make it. It's not mass produced for a quick profit, it's not churned out by the bucket load to satisfy the demands of a 'throw away' society, it's not cynical, corporate or soulless. Handmade jewellery very much has a soul, it's a soul that was born from the skill, commitment and passion the craftsperson put into making it. It's things like the minute imperfections of handcrafted items that make them desirable, because it's these signs that tell you that your jewellery is unique to you, that it was made by hand, by a real person with a real love for what they do.