personalised russian 4-ring pendant on wooden block personalised 3-ring necklace with purple birthstone hanging on a card with the words happy 30th birthday displayed on it handmade 2-ring mother and daughter necklace on purple glass background
eternity bracelet on cream wooden board surrounded by gold leaf romantic russian two-ring necklace with heart displayed on wooden block mini russian ring necklace displayed on vase which is sitting on grey textured stone worktop

All Of Our Jewellery Is Handmade With


-Handcrafted jewellery made just for you!-

Pretty Serendipity is a jewellery brand with a difference because every unique item that you see is handcrafted with love and made to order just for you! The moment you place your order we will begin the process of handcrafting and personalising your jewellery from scratch using traditional silversmithing tools and equipment - no machines, no production line just a skilled artisan sitting at a jewellery bench creating bespoke necklaces and bangles with their own fair hands.

Pretty Serendipity is situated in the heart of the beautiful Northumberland countryside and as a growing, family-run business we care deeply about our customers and the service we provide. We are not some huge, faceless corporation and therefore we can guarantee that each and every order is treated with care, attention and love.